01. What [position] does your daughter play on her baseball team?
02. Many people say that playing goalie is the most difficult [position] in hockey.
03. I must have slept in a strange [position] last night because I woke up with a really sore neck.
04. The [position] of the ship carrying the illegal immigrants is not yet known, but authorities believe it is near the coast of Washington State.
05. The [position] of the oil tanker in trouble off the coast of Alaska was reported to the Coast Guard by a passing plane.
06. Working as an artist's model is hard work, especially when you are posed in an uncomfortable [position] for long periods of time.
07. We [positioned] the plants on our balcony so that they would hang over the railings.
08. Sarah Brown once observed that only God is in a [position] to look down on anyone.
09. Certain parrots sleep hanging upside down, a [position] which helps to prevent recognition by predators.
10. The young couple tried a different sexual [position] every night for the first couple of weeks after they got married.
11. In El Salvador, males are expected to rise from a seated [position] whenever a woman enters a room.
12. In some universities in Ukraine, there are as many as 20 applicants per available [position].
13. Tobacco leaves are graded by factors such as color, size, and [position] on the stem because lower leaves have less nicotine.
14. Someone once joked that the most dangerous [position] in which to sleep is with your feet on your office desk.
15. In October of 1973, Egypt and Syria launched attacks on Israeli [positions], signaling the start of the Yom Kippur war.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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